The Dizzy Cook is dedicated to spreading awareness about vestibular migraine from a patient’s perspective, new migraine treatments in layman’s terms (with a focus on more natural treatments that can be used while trying to conceive/pregnancy), and fun recipes that follow a migraine elimination diet but without feeling so restricted.

Migraine Strong is committed to empowering individuals through education and hope while helping them gain control of chronic migraine. Their Facebook community is dedicated to managing chronic migraine through lifestyle, best medical practices and pure tenacity. They celebrate their members’ little victories and encourage them to thrive with this chronic illness.

Judy blogs about events such as World Autoimmune Arthritis Day and NERVEmber. She blogs for support and understanding of patients and their families or friends with Chronic Illness around the world. She also posts in her various social media channels about Mental Health and other conditions. She is bringing a world together in support of Illness. United We Stand Hand to Hand.Judy lives with RA, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, Rocacea, Mild spinal stenosis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Migraines, GERD, TMJ Disorder, Diabetes, Hypertension, Fatigue, General Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia, Social Anxiety Disorder. Judy loves to support people’s campaigns especially Shades for Migraine as she has lived with migraine since she was 7 years old.

“As a 39-year-old and someone who has lived with Migraine since the age of 7 I take part in the Shades For Migraine campaign to show support in a united front to other people who also live with Migraine and together we raise awareness. An estimated 1 Billion people worldwide live with Migraine I will support, share and educate about Migraine until the world is free from this monster.”

The Migraine Warrior Blog and its companion Facebook page were created by Patient Advocate Michelle Tracy after being diagnosed with chronic migraine disease at age 19. While trying to find meaning in her pain, Michelle realized that her thoughts and experiences had the potential to help others even as she lay in a dark room, unable to lift her head. Her mission to empathize, educate, and empower the millions of people living with migraine disease has led her to partner with many organizations in the migraine community and to both write and speak about her life as an advocate and migraine warrior, often with a focus on mental health and stigma.

“Migraine is often thought of as an isolating, “invisible” illness which contributes to the stigma surrounding the disease. When people living with migraine disease are able to outwardly acknowledge it with visible cues like sunglasses, it makes the disease itself more visible, raises awareness, and creates connections with other migraine warriors and the people that love and care for them. One of The Migraine Warrior’s core beliefs is that Caring is Curing and the Shades for Migraine campaign is an excellent example of how creating connections will lead to better treatments and, ultimately, a cure.”

Jaime Sanders is a blogger and patient advocate who lives in Virginia with her husband and three children. She has had a life-long journey with migraine disease and lived most of her adult life with depression. From a toddler with abdominal migraine to a wife and mother with chronic migraine, Jaime has learned to turn her pain into empowerment over the past 37 years. Through her advocacy work and blog, Jaime’s mission is to make a very invisible disease visible to the rest of the world and validate the real pain of millions. She works with several non-profit organizations in a collaborative effort to educate, empower and uplift migraine patients and their caregivers. As the Migraine Patient Advocate Coordinator for Global Healthy Living Foundation, Jaime’s role is to help recruit migraine patients into the advocacy role to change legislature and insurance policies to improve their access to care on the state level. Creating migraine and mental health specific content is one of her passions as it helps to keep her connected to those communities while also offering support, compassion and validation for illnesses that are highly stigmatized and misunderstood.

The Migraine Chronicles is where author, editor, and writer Sarah Hackley gets candid about life with intractable chronic migraine. From parenting and relationships to individual responses to new medications and unusual treatments, Sarah takes a frank look at it all. Regular round-ups of other great sites and bloggers included!

The Counterfactual Brain is a blog about Beth, a 30-something with a PhD and chronic migraine living in Vermont with her cat named Sophie. She used to be a 30-something living in Boston with a blossoming career in education program evaluation. Then chronic migraine hit. The name “Counterfactual Brain” borrows a concept from research. Beth is constantly wishing she had a clone, one who would experience migraine triggers for her while she didn’t so they could compare the outcomes. Understanding triggers now that her migraine is chronic is a recurring theme in her blog posts, along with other trials, tribulations, and tips on life with chronic migraine. Her hope is to make chronic migraine less scary for others going through the same experience.

“I take part in Shades for Migraine because any activity that I can do to bring attention how migraine disease differs from an everyday headache, how debilitating migraine can be, and how disproportionately underfunded it is, is worth my time and effort. This is a fun and easy way to engage our friends, family, and even pets in the cause, and make everyone a migraine advocate.”

My Migraine Life is an advocacy, awareness and community building blog. Sarah shares stories of how she lives life through migraine with children, travel, teaching and daily life. She shares product reviews and migraine information. You will see her working with Miles for Migraine giving speeches, raising money and wearing purple flair! Her dog and family have been Shades for Migraine photo winners and also partners with American Migraine foundation.

Golden Graine is about “Living a fulfilled life with chronic migraine and pain.” I am passionate about fighting stigma, balancing medication with alternative methods such as yoga, describing the effects of new treatments, and being real about my accomplishments and my dark days. My purpose is to never let my pain go to waste. I want to commiserate with you and celebrate even the smallest of victories. Your illness may be invisible, but you are not. The Golden Graine mission statement is to live a fulfilled life with chronic migraine and pain. It is also a platform for others as well. I want to celebrate your victories and give you a place to vent when times are rough. Your disease is invisible, but you are not.

Ellie is a 20 year old college student double majoring in History and the Science in Society Program. She is passionate about raising awareness and educating others about migraines and invisible illnesses because of her own struggle and experiences with chronic migraines.​


“My goal is to raise awareness about living with migraines. Public perception of chronic illnesses is still very negative, especially invisible chronic illnesses because we “look fine” on the outside. Hopefully, you’ll learn more about migraines and living with a chronic illness as you read more from my blog!”